André Schläppi

Senior Executive Coach / Partner

«Our life is the product of our thoughts.»

(Mark Aurel, rom. emperor and philosoph, 121–180)

My path of life first led me from the Bernese Oberland to the city of Munich, then to South-East Asia and later Zurich. Down-to-earth values, combined with an appreciation of all that is beautiful and practical, had already been instilled in me at an early age. For me opposites never excluded one another – on the contrary, they complemented each other!

Following an apprenticeship as telecommunications engineer, I directly went to Biel University of Applied Sciences and qualified as electrical engineer. At that time already, I wanted to be more involved with people than with electrons, so after completing my degree I began my professional career as course instructor for digital switching systems at the former Siemens Albis AG in Berne. I derived a great deal of pleasure from passing on knowledge to and working with the most varied people in several languages.

Adding to technology came figures – and management: After completing my postgraduate studies in business management, I led a larger group as Profit Centre Manager for several years.

Shortly thereafter I entered the world of marketing at the Siemens Head Office in Munich. These years abroad, when I was stationed all over the world (especially South-East Asia) fascinated me and broadened my cultural horizon.

Back in Switzerland, during the time when the telecommunication-market was being liberalized, I obtained numerous orders as Key Account Manager and later Marketing Manager. During this period of change and market-growth the sky seemed the only limit and possibilities (almost, but not quite!) endless. During these years I completed the two-year training of the SKU Advanced Management Programme (Swiss business management courses) alongside my work.

From 2003 onwards I was once again mainly dealing with people and (again a lot of) money. For four years I was Head of Human Resources at Siemens Schweiz AG. Challenging topics at that time were the many mergers and spin-offs (affecting hundreds of employees), the strategy and processes of the entire HR value creation chain and the additional responsibility as trustee of the company's pension fund. Coaching employees, right up to top-management level, appealed to me greatly.

Throughout the years I have always kept my interest in people: “Appreciating value creates added value”. As an open-minded communicator/consultant, it is my aim to place my entire range of experience - from technology through to marketing and sales as well as HR - at the disposal of my customers; in German, French or English. At the interface between people and business I work with values such as integrity, respect, trust and openness.