Maëlle Denzler

Office Managerin

«Nothing releases more energy than these words: This is not possible. As soon as I hear this, I will do anything to realize what seems impossible.»

(Harald Zindler)

I started my career as an apprentice within the hospitality business. From early days onwards, I simply knew that client contact is key to me - next to being gifted in learning and speaking foreign languages. During my school tenure in France, I could refine my language skills locally. Later I could pass on my enthusiasm for “la Langue Française” whilst tutoring others and earning further certificates.

Ever since I concluded that almost everything can be achieved through motivation combined with a clear goal and vision. With this in mind, I mastered my vocational baccalaureate in Economics.

As pauses are important, I retrieve energy from hiking and mountaineering. As I love to support, coach and challenge people, I am looking forward to supporting our candidates and clients alike – with passion and pleasure.