Astrid Leupin


«Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success, if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.»

(Nelson Mandela)

As we go through life we meet all kinds of people. Some we have known since the beginning, and they might stay with us until the end of the line. Others hop on to our train of life somewhere in between. Others might leave us at a station along the line. At every station of my life so far, I met people who inspired me and piqued my curiosity to explore new things. Encounters I wouldn't want to miss.

After completing my commercial apprenticeship, I relocated to Davos, where I remained for almost ten years instead of the planned winter season. During my time there, I met people from all different walks of life, both on the job and during leisure time, needless to say that I was captivated. My not everyday place of work at that time was the administrative office of the Hockey Club Davos.

Following this educational and intensive time, I returned to my home town in the Basel region. Language stays in the US and Paris enriched this time. Later, I trained as a Communications specialist, at the SAWI Academy for Marketing and Communication, where I obtained a federal certificate after having completed a part-time education. This was followed by other intermediate stations in my professional career: on both the agency and client side. Out of insatiable curiosity and my desire to apply what I had learned, I came into contact with many people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. During my time as a family manager, I, for 15 years, presided over one of the largest and oldest gymnastic clubs in the Basel area with almost 600 members. This enabled me to contribute my professional know-how at board level. In the process, I both learnt what it means to experience and enjoy moments of happiness as an active athlete, yet at the same time having to defend the team's failures against the public, in my role as club chairwoman. A time that shaped, strengthened, and advanced my personality and skills in many ways.

Even today, I still find my balance to everyday working life in sport. Be it in summer on my bike or on a hike, or in winter on the ski slopes. In between, I dedicate myself to painting. In addition, I am President of one of the largest sections (Lucerne/Central Switzerland) of Migros’ women's organisation. Working for the association gives me great pleasure, as it leads to many enriching encounters with women of all ages.

As assistant to the Lucerne team, I am delighted to be working with people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.