Chantal Güss

Office Managerin

«The smallest of movements is of the greatest importance to all of nature; a whole ocean will change when a pebble is thrown into it.»

 (Blaise Pascal – french philosopher and scientist)

My professional career began after my graduation from Commercial School in Basel, but before I entered the business world I explored the geographical one. As a child I had often travelled to far away places with my family, getting acquainted with different philosophies and ways of living, and I did so again now. Meeting so many interesting people with their unique personalities was always most fascinating.

One of my journeys brought me to New Zealand for English language studies. Another journey lead me to Thailand where I acquired my first scuba-diving certificate. This was an important milestone for me - diving has accompanied me through my life ever since. Each dive is a new challenge. You never know what to expect in the depths of the sea. I am particularly impressed by the innumerable wonderful, sometimes bizarre forms of nature. Here, as on dry land, only those who adapt best survive.

After employments in various companies, again meeting with many different people and philosophies, I joined a large international enterprise in 1994, additionally gathering valuable experience in their affiliate in Munich. I achieved a diploma in Management at the Institute for Management Education ifks Basel and gained 18 years of professional experience in the areas of publicity/advertising print & online, the last few of which in a leading position with budget responsibility.

Then it was time for a new challenge: a little „pebble“ arrived in the form of my daughter in 2011, changing and influencing my personal ocean. It was and is important to me to spend as much time with her as possible, yet stay in touch with the professional world, so the opportunity to join Grass & Partner in Basel came at just the right moment.

As part of the Basel team I am happy to apply my skills in the service to and support of our candidates and clients with the highest commitment.