Giovanni Adornetto

Branch Manager Basel/Partner

«Cogito, ergo sum»

(René Descartes, 1644, *1596; †1650)

My international experience in Human Resource Management, negotiation strategy, leadership, and coaching is available to our clients, to further boost their careers.

Little did I know when growing up, that this motto and its powerful radiance on the Central European Age of Enlightenment would have such a strong influence on both my character and development. At a young age, I already had regular confrontations with children and in particular with adults, more specifically with my patriarchal Italian parents. Owing to my brother who is seven years, my senior and an important role model, I learnt to express my opinion early on. «Do you always need to discuss everything and defend your opinion vehemently!», were exasperated exclamations I got to hear on a regular basis. The penny dropped during my time at grammar school. It was my exemplary history teacher who taught me the meaning of this supposedly simple phrase: «I think, therefore I am». Not only «am» I, but I am «THE helmsman/helmswoman» of my thoughts, my actions, and ultimately my life!

Inspired by this enlightened realisation, I no longer aimed to become a «Drämmeler» nor a paediatrician. Rather, I wanted to understand why the individual as at times can be observed – behaves supposedly irrational. In so doing, I wanted to enlighten people in their role as employees and more over in their role as managers, yet at the same time support them in their development of a liberal economic order. For this very reason, I started studying psychology as my major subject and business/HRM as my minor subject, which I later concluded with a Master’s degree in economic and social psychology at the University of Basel. During this time I was already in employment as a part-time archivist at a major Swiss bank, this was followed by jobs as an IT supporter/consultant and as a communication trainer. Subsequently, my career path spanned working as an SAP IT consultant and performing HR management at a large pharmaceutical group and at a leading FMCG company. Over the course of fifteen, while holding various functions, I was able to learn and apply all aspects of Human Resources, from the operational business to strategy. In these demanding roles, which comprised supervising and consulting top management, I got to know the exciting and interesting, as well at times complex world of leading and coaching individuals. Thanks to my Master’s in Advanced Studies in Human Resource Management, I now have sound knowledge and skills throughout the entire value chain of modern HR management, particularly in the areas of consulting and project work including mergers, reorganisations, organisational development as well as change and talent management.

Having grown up in multicultural Klein-Basel with Sicilian origins, I was guided early on by values such as honesty, openness, optimism, and appreciation, all of which have had a decisive influence on the development of my personality and to this day influence my thoughts and actions.

«Cogito, ergo sum» shall likewise help shape your professional career. I will gladly accompany you or your employees with the demanding yet very rewarding task of honestly getting to know yourself and being the master of your professional development.      


Grass & Partner AG has been active in outplacement and career counselling for more than 25 years. Over these years a vast network has been built, which enables us to rapidly find exciting career opportunities and companies for our clients.

You would like more negotiation power in your role as an Executive?
You want to become a Corporate Board Member? You wish to acquire a company and become an entrepreneur? Or are you simply planning on turning over a leaf in your career?

You are an HR Leader who is obliged of dismissing employees?
We shall take care of them, as part of the process we shall develop a tailor-made programme which shall lead to a new professional activity for the candidate.

As an HR Leader you are looking to hire employees and wish to retain them?
We shall accompany the onboarding process. Furthermore, we shall care for their spouse if the new job entails a relocation. Moreover, we are experts when it comes to “Late Careers” and in designing careers for clients who are over 50.

Please feel free to contact me and arrange for a non-binding appointment. It would be a pleasure to tread a common path for a short time in our lives. I look forward to meeting you.

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