Ingrid Wesseln

Senior Consultant/Partner

«To care about something is better than to merely understand it.»

 (Confucius, Chinese philosopher, 551 – 479 B.C.)

As a native German, who grew up in hanseatic Bremen, I appreciated travelling as well as coming home. Thus I enjoyed exploring foreign cultures and countries alike – until I decided to settle in Switzerland almost 20 years ago.

After graduating from school, my language and media studies took me to Scotland and Taiwan. On returning to Germany, I worked as a university lecturer and with the national research association. Lufthansa became my first employer in the business world: After being a free-lance journalist, I completed the airline’s management trainee programme and relocated to the South-Western Europe. In Paris I took on my first managerial position to establish people topics on a regional level. Before returning to Frankfurt, where I supported the Board on improving client relationships, leadership, and communication tasks, I held an interim role in the Beijing based Strategy Office.

Already at this stage my to-date passion emerged: to develop people and organizations alike. I was privileged to deepen and to relay my knowledge during the following assignment with Accenture in the Netherlands, acting as the lead consultant on a major reorganization and change project for an international client.

My curiosity to continuously learn as well as the desire to not only help others to strive but to also develop myself, led me to Switzerland and to get to know new industries: from pharmaceuticals to financial and public services. Whilst mainly working in human resources positions and on C-Suite level, I was heavily involved in mergers & acquisitions at Novartis, Swiss Re and during my tenure with Swiss Post.

No matter, if I acted as a leader, Non-Executive Director or coach, people always remained at the centre of my attention and interest. This passion resulted in further education and my decision to focus on coaching individuals and to consult smaller businesses. Ultimately it led to my present position.

I am looking forward to encountering new situations and to meeting new clients: to listen to your stories and to hopefully accompany you on your way to your personal future. Personally speaking, I learnt that it often takes head as well as heart and guts to accept life’s challenges, to remain open to learning and – most importantly – to take a step into the future. Or in other words: to create the future by doing it.