Jasmin Abedat


« Remain the way you are » is the worst remark ever. Better yourself.

A colleague’s kind remark, « Remain the way you are », got me thinking. I decided then and there that I do not intend to stay the way I am. On the contrary I have every intention to evolve and be the best version of myself. This may even include a career change.

Initially, I had wanted to become a chef, so I embarked on a cooking apprenticeship as a teenager. At the time, working in an office would never have been an option for me. Looking back, I have to smile as I soon realised that I had set off on the wrong path.  After a thorough examination of myself, various part-time jobs later and a year's internship as a commercial employee, it became clear that, ironically, my place was in the office after all. It was now time to find a vacancy to take up a commercial apprenticeship. Being labeled as an « apprenticeship dropout », made the application procedure incredibly difficult, but I did not let this get me down. Gutsy by nature, I did my best to find a suitable apprenticeship.  

It was worth every ounce of effort, as during the ensuing three years, I was able to work for an event agency and make full use of my skills and strengths. Above all, I enjoyed planning, arranging, and organising. When guests came to an event and had an entertaining evening, I was filled with happiness. After this educational period, I immediately decided to commence the vocational baccalaureate, which I have now successfully completed.

In hindsight, I am glad that I had the courage to relinquish something that did not suit me and that I took the time to reorient myself. Along the way, I have met many great people who have influenced me a lot. For that, I am very grateful. From each job, I take with me qualities that I can use in all areas of life. Henceforth, I shall not leave my career to chance, which is why I am studying business psychology part-time in addition to my work at Grass & Partner AG.

I am certain that I shall have a great time at Grass & Partner AG and I look forward to accompanying you on your personal journey.