Marlise Stauffer

Senior Consultant Zug and Lucerne/Partner

«The secret of getting ahead is getting started»

 (Mark Twain)

Whenever I tackle something new or want to progress in my professional life, I am inspired by the motto «let’s get started». In the past these words have enabled me to experience a variety of exciting as well as interesting occurrences time and again.

I started my professional career in aviation at Swissair, where I got to know the various functions of an airline, while working at the airport. Following my assignments in Paris and London, which formed an educational part of my career, I moved into sales. Shortly after that, I gained my first management experience while working as a supervisor. Next I changed departments by taking up a position in business travel sales. At the same time, I took up a part-time study programme at the School of Tourism in Lucerne.

After Swissair’s grounding, I was involved in building up the new airline called Swiss and establishing it in the market. I was responsible for managing teams in various departments within the sales organisation in switzerland and abroad. Furthermore, I took care of customers ranging from small to medium-sized enterprises over to international corporations based all over Switzerland. Also, I was closely involved in the merger with Lufthansa actively supporting it on the one hand, while at the same time gaining valuable experience. Concurrently, I obtained the Swiss Federal Diploma in Sales Management.

Having spent nearly a quarter of a century working for the airline, I wanted to discover and experience something new, hence I changed employers and joined a medium sized enterprise within the automotive industry taking on the role of sales manager. Simultaneously, I started an executive education programme at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and completed it by obtaining the Executive Diploma HSG in SME Management. Soon after, the garage had to close down. During this phase, I supported our apprentices and employees in their search for a new job, in order for them to continue working and complete their apprenticeship without undue interruption. Following this experience, I started afresh as a sales manager at Global Blue. Henceforth, I was dealing with the subsequent topics: digitalisation, VAT, retail trade, fashion, watches and jewellery, gastronomy as well as hotels. Due to the pandemic a clear cut was made – owing to which I got to know Grass & Partner while attending their outplacement programme. To me this was one of the most valuable experiences in my professional career! Once again, it meant tackling something new!

Providing specific support and coaching employees has always been close to my heart, just like working together and accomplishing goals jointly. Assisting customers’ with their needs and helping them achieve their goals is of great importance to me.

I am looking forward to putting my experience at the service of people and to showing them opportunities in order for them to make a new start and/or to increase momentum in their careers.