Peter Lüthi

Branch Manager Bern/Partner

«Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.»

(Henry van Dyke)

Recognising and effectively employing the unique combination of talent and skills – is one of the keys to success and contentment! Turning points in life are excellent opportunities, to invest time in oneself, and in doing so, we gain clarity and orientation, in order to shape our future, in a strengthened and focussed manner.
There have been such turning points in my life. After completing my technical apprenticeship and having obtained my degree in computer science, I started out in the fascinating and multifaceted world of project management and planning. My wealth of experience, stemming from an abundance of exciting IT projects, as well as my postgraduate studies in business management were beneficial for my next professional step. As Head of IT, I was responsible for running the IT department of two separate industrial companies. While recruiting and building an entire IT team, I gained valuable experience. The same applied to the time when I integrated the Swiss location into the parent company in the UK.
These and other career milestones have clearly shown me one thing: my fascination for people, their talents and skills. Hence, as a logical consequence, I trained as a Coach (MAS Coaching FHNW). Next, I worked for the largest Swiss telecom provider, as Head of Project Management, where I was responsible for the management, development, recruitment and coaching of up to 120 employees.
Together with my family, I live in Bern-Bremgarten. Much of my spare time is dedicated to my passion for music and sports, especially water sports.
Invest in your own future. At Grass & Partner, we provide you with professional and proactive advice engaging in a dialogue at eye level, which is characterised by trust and transparency. I look forward to meeting you.