Raphaela Lojacono


«What you wish to ignite in others, must first burn within yourself.»

 (Aurelius Augustinus)

My philosophy has always been to strive for a people-first culture, to be passionate  about one’s job and to foster teamwork in the workplace. A good mix of these key ingredients will empower people to continuously push boundaries and challenge the status quo. 

During my childhood years, I experienced first hand the impact passion can have on one’s business. My father offered day trips and excursions for tourists, which he managed with great passion and commitment. When he drove them to the beautiful sights, his love of nature, the mountains and beautiful scenery in Switzerland was passed on directly to his customers. They felt the same enthusiasm he projected.  Thus, his taxi business was fueled by his passion. In this respect, I learned that being passionate will not go unnoticed and it is a driving factor to achieve everything.

Since entering my working career, people have always been the focus of my activities. I started my working career at the largest retailer in Switzerland. By age 20, I received the opportunity to lead and manage a team of 30 employees. This experience was invaluable and it further motivated me to accelerate my career development. After 5 years, it was time to move on and take up new challenges in  an international working environment. Thus, I seized the opportunity to join MARS Switzerland where I worked in Customer Service, Trade Marketing, Category Management as well as Area Sales Manager and Key Account Manager. During this time I acquired my theoretical knowledge by attending universities of applied sciences. This additional theoretical knowledge coupled with practical work experience gave me a solid foundation to build upon. My “people-first” management approach accompanied me through all my positions. Mentoring and coaching my co-workers inspired accountability within the team and they were ready to go that extra mile to achieve our departmental goals. My passion to achieve excellence was evident not only in my people management style, but also in our daily business practices. Leading, developing and coaching employees was as much a part of my job as excellent preparation, management and implementation of sales trainings. 

Following a career break taken to raise a family, I re-entered the workforce as a Global Retail Academy Trainer for Shell Switzerland. At Shell, I was able to coach and develop employees in an international work environment and further my know-how in what I liked doing best, namely working with people.

To always be passionate about what I do, was and continues to be key in achieving my goals. Being people-minded has been essential in achieving a solid track record of performance. Thus, the best advice I can give to people, is to know what you like, have a vision and be passionate about what you do.