Denise Schärer

Senior Consultant/Partner

«It is not external events themselves that cause us distress, but the way in which we think about them, our interpretation of their significance»


I am of the same opinion that contentment and calmness come from within irrespective of external circumstances, therefore permitting us to perform any type of task in everyday life in a relaxed and confident manner. This introspection is about getting to know yourself at the core, making yourself consciously aware of your own strengths, and learning to trust yourself, hence allowing you to balance yourself and to move forward even in challenging times and situations.
A versatile career path with ongoing training is what shapes my present-day knowhow and understanding as well as the joy of supporting other people in their endeavours. The path that I chose, since starting as a business specialist, working for various service providers (air freight, haulage, tourism, health care), led me to customer service in the banking and fiduciary services industry respectively. I then moved from being a salaried employee into self-employment working in HR Management, HR time management (various business areas such as IT and administration) and for many years as an HR Business Partner, where I gained valuable international experience in the financial industry.
Supporting and advising employees every step of the way, from the moment they walk into the interview room, to lending them personal support and offering them individual development, right through to the equally important process of offboarding, is second nature to me. Apart from numerous trainings in communication, psychology, graphology, coaching, and as a yoga instructor, I completed a post graduate programme as Head of Human Resources as well as a Master of Advanced Studies in Coaching & Organisational Consulting.
In my spare time, to maintain my equilibrium, I spend as much time as possible in the countryside. There I am often accompanied by my Criollo mare who is my ideal companion for long trail rides, irrespective of the weather. Sailing on Lake Constance or across the deep blue sea is another passion of mine. However, I also like spending time up in the mountains, be it skiing or hiking and I just as much enjoy relaxing indoors doing yoga, painting or reading.
I am very pleased to be part of Grass & Partner, and I am looking forward to advising existing and new clients based on my experience and expertise, thus enabling them to regain access to their own resources in order to enthusiastically embark on their next step along their individual career path.