Dr. Regina Thiergardt

Branch Manager Basel/Partner

«Whatever man has a conception of is feasible.»

 (Wernher von Braun)

When I was a child my expectations of life and my dreams of what the future would bring were lively and colourful: for instance I absolutely wanted to study at University, although I had no idea back then of what I would one day major in. And even though I grew up in Northern Germany surrounded by water I had a very clear picture of myself one day skiing down mountain slopes. When ships from all over the world passed my hometown Rendsburg on the North Sea – Baltic Sea Canal I felt a yearning for foreign countries and cultures. I was curious and eager to learn about other people and find out how they lived.

The explorer in me led me to study Chemistry and this decision brought me southwards to Freiburg im Breisgau. After obtaining my doctorate I began my industrial career in Basel in the research department of Ciby Geigy. Eventually I moved on to Siegfried, one of the leading providers of contract development and  manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical industry. In various lead positions and strategic projects in development, small-scale production, quality control and project management in Switzerland and the United States I was intensely involved in organizational development and change management and initiated and implemented various change processes. In retrospect, a changeover to human resource development proved to be particularly enriching for me. I was able to combine my enthusiasm for people with my creativity and established a leadership development programme for the middle and senior management. In 2011, I turned my back on natural science and worked with the RSVP Group and their Executive Search, Management Audits and Development Centres, before I joined Grass & Partner.

I consider it my task to recognise the potential in people and to support them in developing new perspectives, positioning themselves according to their talents and shaping their professional future in agreement with their vision. 

I’m looking forward to our working together.

Ich freue mich auf unsere Zusammenarbeit.