Kathy Bieri

Branch Manager Bern/Partner

«If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel in company» 

 (African proverb)

In our world we are often inclined to travel alone and to pursue our objectives single mindedly, as individuals. This often achieves great success but can sometimes be rather lonely. Now and then such a solo trip comes to a halt. Perhaps due to a shortage of energy, because the objective was lost from sight or perhaps someone travelled faster and so crossed the finishing line earlier.

Our life does not always go according to plan. We all know that. A proverb tells us that diversions broaden our horizon. This is very true, for example in my case. Each of the “diversions“ could not have been foreseen but was nevertheless ultimately enriching.

My professional background consists basically of the two pillars of social management and  HR management. After initial training in social education I was given responsibility for the education, supervision and integration of young women with learning difficulties. This was followed by several years in a management function with a well-known Swiss relief organisation working in the field of migration. At the same time I undertook further studies in system supervision and organisational development as well as developing my work as a self-employed consultant. In addition to assignments from public bodies and the private sector, I also mentored students at the University of Applied Science and coached managers.

I took my first step into HR management as HR Manager in the Job Center of the Swiss National Exhibition, Expo.02 – a fascinating project in a creative, vibrant environment. Latterly I extended my HR skills as Manager of the Health and Welfare Department of a large company, at the same time enhancing my business management skills by studying for a post-graduate diploma at the University of Applied Science.

In all these functions, whether in self-employment, training and consultancy, as a business woman, manager or as a mother, people of the most varied backgrounds were and are always centre stage. With their diversity, their individual strengths and weaknesses, their energy and their different ways of thinking, people will always inspire me. 

I am very motivated to use my knowledge and my experience in my advisory and supporting role at Grass & Partner AG.