Margrit Wehinger


«Every change is THE OPPORTUNITY for a new beginning»

Born and raised in the Zurich Oberland, I successfully completed the obligatory schooling and subsequently attended a 3-year commercial college. Through my short summer language courses in England and France I was able to improve my knowledge of foreign languages. Back in Zurich, I worked for the Migros-Genossenschaftsbund retail co-operative in the Food Purchasing Department, as a Personal Assistant to the Manager. Later I worked as an assistant in the Marketing Department at Unilever (Sunlight).

Due to my husband changing jobs I came to Bern. Besides my job as a housewife and mother of three children, I was President of the Kehrsatz School Board. In the regional capital of Belp I led the delegates' meeting and was, in addition, a member of the Administrative Commission. An illness forced me to give up both of these activities.

That was my Opportunity… Since I need contact with people, I completed various training courses in coaching, health counselling and health massage.

With all these activities I get very close to people. It is very satisfying to assist them in seizing their new opportunity in life. People who are in the process of a new professional orientation are also faced with a new beginning. In this situation they go through a difficult and unfamiliar process. I am happy to be able to assist these people at Grass und Partner.