Marianne Fund


«When two people meet, each one is changed by the other so you got two new people.»

(John Steinbeck)

I grew up in the Sense District of the canton Fribourg and I am a resident there to this day. The beauty of the Seisler dialect and the charming sound of the French language caught my ears early on, sparking my interest in effective means of interpersonal communication. Graduating from Grambach College, Fribourg, with a degree in business administration, gave me the best possible start to my career in the business world. Whilst working in the private sector I performed a variety of roles, where I encountered many committed people. After moving to the public service sector, I fostered and intensified customer dialogue at all levels. There I worked as an HR administrator, progressing to the Front Office prior to being appointed Head of Front Office. The hands-on training during my post-graduate course in leadership and management, perfectly complemented my many years of practical management experience. Plus, it gave me valuable insight into the relational dimensions of an organization’s dealings with people as well as into self-management.

 The three most precious people in my life are my husband, whom I married in 1993, and my children which were born in 1995 and 1997 respectively. I like meeting up with people, riding my e-bike, reading books just as much as I enjoy cultural gems. Furthermore, I value open communication and a humorous approach to face life’s challenges. I am looking forward to many valuable encounters at Grass & Partner and I extend to you a very warm welcome to our office in Berne. When will we meet? Hopefully in the not too distant future!