Nina Marttinen


«Don't worry if you're making waves simply by being yourself. The moon does it all the time.»

(Scott Stabile)

I grew up in Southern Finland and graduated from Lahti Institute of Arts. Subsequently, I decided to discover Switzerland as an Au Pair and to learn the German language. After a few years in Zurich and Davos, I returned to Finland to train as an Audiovisual Communications specialist.

Following my graduation, my heart led me back to Switzerland, this time to Berne.

Ever since, Berne is where I feel at home, and where I completed a further training as a federally certified Marketing specialist.

I have gained valuable experience in the areas of sales, marketing, and communication, working – among other things - as a sales representative in advertising and as a product manager in the field of fragrance marketing.

In 2014, I travelled to Bali for a yoga teacher training course and to this day I still teach Hatha Yoga on a part-time basis, in Berne. Yoga has helped me improve my performance at work, therefore, I am convinced that this perfectly complements my career in marketing.

My son was born in 2015. I enjoy rediscovering the world from a different point of view with him.

I am very pleased to be able to contribute my professional skills and knowledge to Grass und Partner, and I look forward to the new experiences.