History and philosophy

The future: analyse, focus, realise.

The personality of the candidate and the company are unique – and their requirements and expectations are just as much so. For us, that means customised, expert, collaborative solutions are what is needed. We take the time to understand aspirations, expectations and objectives so that we can compile a professional, comprehensive analysis. The tailor-made outplacement service that is based on this provides the foundation for mutual trust and sustainable, successful cooperation. Or in other words: we offer ‘individual support, person to person’ – for clients and candidates.

What Grass & Partner stands for: 7 success criteria for outplacement

1. Simplicity, continuity and trust

A carefully considered concept along with clarity, openness and transparency in discussion with candidates and clients are the basis for cooperation grounded in trust. The experts at Grass & Partner see themselves as personal trustees and therefore always treat all information with the utmost discretion.

The consultants are permanently employed by Grass & Partner and the company’s uncompromising focus on the core competency of outplacement/best placement ensures continuity and quality. The consultants work on a full-time (100%) basis. This means they are able to react to the individual needs of their candidates at very short notice.

2. Momentum and passion

People facing complex career decisions need consistent support and unwavering impetus. Immediately after the critical interview within the company, candidates are met by experts and offered support. The consultants apply all their skills and professional passion to finding the right solution in outplacement. They don’t just listen – they challenge, set targets and provide momentum. One to two consultations per week prevent the possibility of a paralysing lethargy. The candidates are motivated and encouraged to actively contribute.

3. Multi-layered self-image

Three validated personality tests within the personal evaluation framework, assessed by psychologists and discussed with a personal consultant, form the solid basis for self-reflection and – with support from the Grass Outplacement Handbook – for self-analysis. This results in a complete personal asset appraisal.

4. Knowledge transfer and exchange – comprehensive and valuable

In an Executive Forum and up to seven thematic workshops (interview, networking, mental training, sales and negotiations training, personal image, independence, social media), predominantly led by external professionals, the candidates receive valuable, practical input for their career planning and the practical job search. During the outplacement process, they additionally benefit from the interaction and exchange with other candidates.

5. Attractive network/goals and vision

The far-reaching national and international network of the Grass & Partner consultants secures the candidates initial contacts. After a personal evaluation, two consultants work with the candidate to establish goals and visions. The further action strategy is derived from this.

6. Absolute independence and flexibility

The independence of head hunters and recruiters guarantees the candidates unrestricted, neutral support according to their exact requirements. As a partner, the local branch director has the broadest possible scope for decision making. There is no need for checking back with an international head office. This increases reaction times, flexibility and reliability.

7. Sustainability, reliability and innovation

The high levels of proactive engagement and the extensive management experience of the consultants form the basis for sustainability, reliability and innovation. The candidates have access to the latest infrastructure. Consultancy sessions can take place in German, English or French. Approximately six months after the conclusion of an outplacement programme, an additional meeting takes place with the candidate as a form of success monitoring.