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At the core of our leadership coaching is a system that supports the development process. Development steps are tailored to the executive’s needs and are based on the crucial self-clarity. These steps shall be jointly defined by the employer and employee. In this way the executive is addressed at just the right level, no matter what stage he or she is at in his or her career. Parallel to the development path, questions from daily leadership practice are dealt with on an ongoing basis. The focus lies on the examination of one’s own personality and role within the professional and individual context as an executive. The benefits of this are an increased impact on personality, leadership skills as well as performance and resilience.

How does the leadership coaching work?

Initially executives have face-to-face sessions with their personal consultant on a weekly basis, later on every two to four weeks (subject to agreement). The duration of the coaching can last between two and twelve months depending on the individual situation and needs.

Three phases leading to success:

Analyse the situation:

An intensive self-analysis brings about self-clarification. It is about reflecting one’s own strengths, competencies, talents, values, potential, etc. as self-assessment and assessment by others. Based on this, development priorities are defined together with the employer and “blind spots” are uncovered.

Focus on development:

Determine one’s own development perspectives and a personal understanding of leadership as well as defining success criteria. The implementation strategy forms the basis for the realisation phase. The goals become tangible, which in turn strengthens motivation.

Put into action, realise implementation:

Whenever possible tackle and kick-off the implementation of development goals rapidly. Process and reflect specific questions from everyday work on a regular basis. Tools and methods are developed, in order to ensure the continuation and sustainability of the development in everyday life. Suitable mental elements shall be established to support the development.

Our three-year survey

The current three-year survey by Grass & Partner AG shows that the second full Corona year 2021 has also shaken the global economy with all the consequences on the job market.

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What is the benefit / added value

  • Impact-driven and goal-oriented behaviour in everyday leadership
  • Increased self-responsibility and targeted development of self- and social-competence
  • Effective and efficient implementation and delegation of tasks
  • Effective self-management, dealing with pressure and work overload, work/life integration
  • Self-clarity as basis for quality leadership
  • Enhancement of competencies of key skills such as communication, delegation, motivation, etc. as well as more serenity in everyday leadership work
  • Successful implementation and transfer of theoretically acquired leadership knowledge into the challenging daily work routine
  • Security in the leadership role as a whole, for more room to manoeuvre, for more motivation, focus and corresponding effect on the team and the environment
  • Increased resilience and self-confidence