Three-year survey 2016 to 2018

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Zurich, 19 January 2018 – The latest three-year survey by Grass & Partner shows that tailor-made coaching programmes for CEOs as well as for job seekers over 50 and women managers lead to even better results. Many people over 50 want to get off to a good start again professionally. Furthermore, there was heightened demand for client-specific group outplacements.

It is a fact that it is generally more difficult for people over 50 to find a new job. Yet thanks to consultancy and support from Grass & Partner, specialists have identified that they are sought-after on the market, in particular for taking on seats on boards of directors, interim management functions or for company acquisitions. Evidently, bosses and HR managers increasingly recognise the qualities of older job seekers and appreciate their experience. The length of the coaching programme is not the only decisive factor in the success of a solution. Grass & Partner achieved better results due to more customised and situation-specific coaching guidance divided into three modules: standalone outplacement for executives and special outplacement for 50/55+ as well as tailor-made outplacement for women in management roles.

A second trend was the increased demand for group outplacement. In this area, Grass & Partner offers the following three service packages: training and instruction for HR and line managers pre-emptively or in advance of a larger downsizing measure or individual dismissals, project development and support including a communication concept, conducting group outplacement with set-up and management of a job centre and establishing relationships with potential new employers in the region.