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When changes are on the horizon in the company and employees have to be let go, there are many different causes. The most common reasons for employee separation are reorganisation, downsizing or differing viewpoints. But company takeovers or closures can also lead to redundancies. Grass & Partner supports you, your employees and your company in these important processes and actions.

Outplacement/new placement

Your benefits as an employer

Change management is an issue for those at the top – reorientation is part of a company’s responsibility. It might sound simple, but in reality this is a difficult process. An outplacement programme can support the employer and compensate the employee. It:

  • Supports the company in its adjustment to changing market conditions and eases this process
  • Shows an awareness of social responsibility on the part of the employer in difficult situations
  • Makes the duration and costs of the separation clear
  • Enhances the image of the company both internally (among remaining employees) and externally
  • Helps the employee who has been let go cope with this difficult situation
  • Supports the reputation and image of the company
  • Minimises possible consequences relating to employment law
  • Helps to stabilise the emotional state of the employee when being given notice
  • Supports the employee in a difficult stage of life with positive discussions and experiences

Individual coaching for your managers and specialists

To standard coaching

Positioning for roles in the top tier or as preparation for strategic functions

To Executive Track

Do you have employees over 50? We can also access the hidden job market.

To 50+ Track

Highly customised for the targeted positioning of women in management

To Women’s Track

Group outplacement and job centre

Your benefits as an employer

The group outplacement programme guides skilled employees on their way to professional reorientation in groups of six to 12 participants. It helps entire teams come to terms with the new situation and provides optimal preparation for their forthcoming job search. It is attractive to employers as it:

  • Trains and instructs HR and line managers pre-emptively or in advance of a larger downsizing measure
  • Softens the social impact in the event of a company subdivision being dismantled or a company, subsidiary or national subsidiary facing total closure
  • Offers a professional sparring partner in the areas of project development and project support, including communication concept and redundancy programme design
  • Provides the workforce with immediate support and ensures professional guidance

Best Placement

Your benefits as an employer

Grass Best Placement® is the modern, professional answer to the ever-faster changing demands made on companies by the market and the environment in which they are placed. It takes into account the necessary adjustments in terms of structures, skills and resources. The guided, structured and individual process of self-evaluation, self-responsibility and development of potential within the company is suitable for:

  • Exploiting, sustaining or regaining performance and development potential
  • Encouraging high levels of engagement and activating untapped potential by concentrating on individual strengths and optimal positioning
  • Managing engaged and motivated colleagues effectively, meaning valuable employees and thus valuable expertise are preserved
  • Achieving time savings and quality gains in management and communication

Leadership Coaching

Your benefits as an employer

  • Performance of the leadership strategy in everyday leadership
  • Impact-driven and goal-oriented leadership style within the company
  • Effective and efficient implementation and delegation of tasks
  • Enhancing competencies of key skills; effective and precise communication style, clear and goal-oriented approach, dealing with everyday conflict situations in a solution oriented manner
  • Common understanding of leadership and improving of leadership work
  • Successful implementation and transfer of theoretically acquired leadership knowledge into the challenging daily work routine

Personal evaluation and career development

If your employees don’t know where their strengths and potential lie, it is worthwhile undertaking a personal evaluation. Only after this is it possible to develop their potential.

Find out more about personal evaluation and career development for employers

Separation management

In the case of employees being let go, offer your HR department and line managers support throughout the separation process.

Find out more about separation management

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