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A professional turning point is a good opportunity to evaluate your own strengths and potential and use these to develop a strategy for your new professional direction. A personal consultation can help you in this situation. Get to know your core skills, learn how to apply these efficiently and there’s no knowing what you’ll achieve.

Personal evaluation and career development

Your benefits

It’s not always the direct path that leads to your destination. Stopping to identify where your strengths and potential lie is well worth it. Personal evaluation:

  • Increases your motivation for your own change
  • Encourages self-reflection increasingly important in today’s world
  • Clarifies your suitability for your current or desired future role
  • Enables you to apply your professional and personal core skills actively and with greater focus, and to communicate them
  • Demonstrates how your personal maximum performance can be realised

Career coaching

Your benefits

Professional support enables you to focus on the important topics. Career coaching:

  • Brings clarity regarding your personal goals
  • Facilitates the continuation of your career in a new environment that suits you both professionally and personally
  • Helps you obtain a new income through professional evaluation and find a new career challenge in a structured process
  • Demonstrates the professional options, alternatives and visions available in concrete terms
  • Supports you in a difficult stage of life with positive experiences and discussions

Individual coaching for managers and specialists with interview training.

To coaching

Positioning for roles in the top tier or preparation for strategic functions.

To Executive Track

Over 50? We focus on your skills and help you access the hidden job market.

To 50+ Track

Highly customised for the targeted positioning of women in management.

To Women's Track

Leadership Coaching

Your benefits

  • Impact-driven and goal-oriented behaviour in everyday leadership
  • Increased self-responsibility and targeted development of self- and social-competence
  • Effective and efficient implementation and delegation of tasks
  • Effective self-management, dealing with pressure and work overload, work/life integration
  • Self-clarity as basis for quality leadership
  • Enhancement of competencies of key skills such as communication, delegation, motivation, etc. as well as more serenity in everyday leadership work
  • Successful implementation and transfer of theoretically acquired leadership knowledge into the challenging daily work routine
  • Security in the leadership role as a whole, for more room to manoeuvre, for more motivation, focus and corresponding effect on the team and the environment
  • Increased resilience and self-confidence

«Paths that lead to the future are never set out as paths in front of us. They become paths when we start following them.»

André Schläppi, CEO/Shareholder

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